Roller Shutters

Aluminium Roller Shutters

Our standard aluminium roller shutters are a cost effective way to greatly reduce energy costs and improve the  comfort of your home by reducing the effects of external weather conditions on the internal climate of your home. European studies have shown an energy saving of around 10%. These shutters block 100% of light ingress (ideal for shift workers), and can block out almost 60% of external noise (ideal for busy roads or near schools).

  • We have the largest range of standard colours in Australia.
  • All shutters can be either manually operated or automated.
  • Ask about our solar powered shutters.

Commercial Roller Shutters

Our high quality commercial roller shutters are ideal for shop fronts, school canteens, factory units, dispatch areas and any application where a high strength easily operable lock up system is required. We can manufacture Perforated Shutters to allow customers to view your goods while you can be sure that they are safe, or to allow for ventilation in applications where you may need good airflow but still need to deny access to the area. Solid shutters are a good option where you want to eliminate temptation altogether. These shutters can be manually operated using a key lock or can be automated to allow your stall easy access when opening and closing. These shutters can be manufactured from either aluminium or galvanised mild steel.

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